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Amended and Modified -2015
(Amended while including Government Order 115/21-3-07 सं.सं. 34/06 Dated 11May 2007 and
Government Order 92/21-3-2010-सं.सं.-34/2006 Dated 16 June 2010 Government Order 20/21-3-2015 सं.सं. 34/2006 Dated 5 February 2015)

Award Manual

  • This Manual will be called as Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Sansthan Revised and Reformed Manual 2006.
  • This Manual will be effective immediately.
  • This Manual will be implemented for encouraging Creative Writers and for encouraging, rewarding and honouring to Experts of Sanskrit for serving Sanskrit Language for long-term. Provision of including Paali and Prakrat Rachnakars in this scheme will also be made.
  • Eligibility criteria of Vishwabharti and Nominated Granth Awards will be complete India. For all other remaining awards it is compulsory that the concerned expert should have born in the current region of Uttar Pradesh and should be the resident of Uttar Pradesh for minimum 10 years. Nature, Amount of Award and Numbers of Awards.
  • At present amendment can be made in nature, number and amount of 100 percent financed awards and which are approved by government after sanctioning them from government
  • Vishwabharti Award One Rs. 5,01,000.00
  • Maharshi Valmiki Award One Rs. 2,01,000.00
  • Vishisht Award Five Rs. 1,01,000.00
  • Nominated Award Five Rs. 51,000.00
  • Ved Pandit Award Ten Rs. 51,000.00
  • Special Award Six Rs. 21,000.00
  • Vividh Award Twenty Rs. 11,000.00
  • Maharshi Vyas Award One Rs. 2,01,000.00
  • Maharshi Narad Award One Rs. 1,01,000.00
  • For receiving entries of books published every year and other awards every year under Award Scheme, advertisement of Awards should be published in newspapers and alongwith advertisement format should also be forwarded to Major Institutions of Universities of Country/Uttar Pradesh. Proposals from the awardees (candidates) will be received only on the prescribed letter specified by the Sansthan.

A.  Application can be sent by the Awardee Candidate or by any one known to him/her. A dead line will be specified in the advertisement format for submitting Application to the concerned specific Sansthan. Application received at the Sansthan after the deadline for any reason will not be acceptable and Sanskrit Sansthan will not be liable for such delay or loss occurred due to delay.
B. The Director / Chairman will have the right to finalize the decision in the special circumstances of dispatch and information etc. that whether there is any application received on the last date of advertisement for the prize.

  • Working Committee will specify the list of eligible experts/reviewers for Granth of every genre, whose approval is also compulsory from government. In the absence of committee, reviewers/experts will be appointed on the basis of recommendation of Director. In the absence of both i.e., Chairman and Committee, Administrative Department will have the full authority.
  • Amendment in the number of awards and amount for award is done with the approval of government. In every genre if eligible entries are not found then no bounds will be there to give award.
  • The original published Sanskrit books will only be considered for award.Apart from nominated awards, other books of the awards, in which the basic subjects of Sanskrit such as yoga, tantra, astrology, Indian philosophy, Vedas, linguistics, theology etc., in which fundamental contemplation presentations have been done as the heritage of Indian culture, related Hindi and other Linguistic Maulik Chitaparak Granth, in which Sanskrit Literature/Indian Culture are getting rich, such Granths will be considered for Award. Sanskrit Guide Books will not be included in Award Scheme.
  • First edition of book will be considered to be rewarded. If the book of revised edition of pre-published creation is published, then the book will be considered for award if its 60% data has not been published previously.
  • Such creation which has already been rewarded by Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Puraskar, will not be considered for award.
  • Books of current officers/employees/working committee/general meeting and members of award committee of Sanskrit Sansthan and other applications received for other awards will not be considered. Here current means 'the mentioned financial year/year or its part. For the financial year for which the advertisement has been published and financial year in which award has been announced.' No expert will be considered for award for the second time whose amount is more than of prize amount of Special (Vishesh) Award. Creation of any expert for Vishesh/Vividh Award of same genre will not be considered before two years.
  • Any book granth received for award can be rejected before forwarding it for review due to revision etc. For this Director/Chairman from their level or can form a Selection Committee. From the point of view of urgency Application/Books received for every phase of award will be forwarded with privacy by Director accordingly for review of Granths with the approval of Chairman by selection of names of two reviewers to working committee, award committee or to the experts approved by government. For entries received for books each reviewer will provide marks of evaluation on the basis of 100 marks. After total marks provided by both reviewers, award committee will make decision after considering the grand total.
  • For award entry 5 copies of each book is compulsory. Books received for award will not be returned to the publisher. Books which will be rewarded will be deposited in Sansthan Library.
  • Writer will have to give certificate in following format on all 5 copies of book. Books without certificate will not be considered for award.
    • Name of Book
    • Name of Writer/Author
    • Place of Birth
    • Address of Writer/Author
    • Certificate of being the domicile of Uttar Pradesh since last 10 years is attached for not.....
    • Genre/Subject of Book
    • Publication Year
    • Name and Address of Publisher
    • For which award is book is being presented
    • I hereby certify that the first edition of book …………………… is published in year …………….for the first time and 60 percent or more data of this book has not been published as book before.
    • Date……………..Signature of Writer/Author…………………Complete Address…………..

Eligibility of Awards

  • Vishwa Bharti Award-Experts rewarded with National/International rank will be eligible for this award. One can apply for the said award in prescribed format through Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Sansthan. Prescribed Notice Form for the above award will be made available to Vice-Chancellors/HODs Universities, Sanskrit Universities, Paali, Prakrat, Sanskrit Sansthan besides these it will also be made available to Editors of Magazines for distribution. Form will also be published in various newspapers of country. Vishwa Bharti Award Committee will consider over the name that will be received and will recommend one name among them.
  • Maharshi Valmiki Award- Such renowned scholars who have achieved National/International fame will be rewarded with this award for creativeness in Sanskrit Literature and for their special work and who have contributed in promotion of Sanskrit Literature through poetic drama and their real work. This Award is different from 'Vishwabharti' and 'Special' awards. Promotion of this award and process of selection etc. will be done as per Vishwabharti Award and by the recommendation of names that has been provided by Vishwabharti Award Expert Committee.
  • Vishisht Award- For this award only those candidates will be eligible who have served for promotion and development of Sanskrit Language in the World of Sanskrit for 20 years or should have effectively contributed in Social Utilization of Sanskrit through Sanskrit Conference/Sanskrit Speeches.

A. In the awards of more than fifty thousand, attachments/descriptions/representative compositions of the last three years can be read by own with the recommendations of scholars. Such particulars will be kept safe for three years in the Sansthan but Scholar or their known one will have to forward application in specific format.

  • Nominated Award
    • Kalidas Award One
    • Vaanbhatt Award One
    • Vyas Award One
    • Shankar Award One
    • Padini/Sayan Award One

Above five awards will be rewarded to Writers/Publishers for their publication- Books, Prose, Verse, Philosophy, Mythology, History, Theology, Vedas, Vedanga and Grammar Subjects in Two Calendar Years and one award will be rewarded to one person only.

  • Ved Pandit Award – Every year applications will be invited from Ved Pandits of Uttar Pradesh. Applicant should have the knowledge of any field of Ved and should have the deep knowledge of complete Sanhita. For this award examination will be conducted by Sansthan by Examiners among Vedic Listeners. In the prescribed form for assessment, 10 marks will be given to Ved Pandits, who are born in Uttar Pradesh or residing in state since last 10 years.

In case of unavailability of eligible candidates for Ved Pandit Award, with the unanimous decisions for remaining award price should be specified for nominated awards related should be nominated to Ved Vedang and this should also be mentioned in advertisement.
If one award is left then nominated award to Ved Vedang and if two awards are left then from that amount Vishisht Award should be rewarded to Vishisht Ved Pandit who has achieved Ved Pandit Award of Sanskrit Sansthan atleast 20 years before. Award committee can recommend the name of any such scholar for Vishisht Award Rs.1,01,000/-.

  • Vishesh Award – Distinctive in Sanskrit Language creative works will only be considered for Vishesh Award. In this category one award is reserved for Granths created in Pali and Prakrat. If granths are not available then that award will be considered for Sanskrit Language.
  • At present nature, number and amount of sanctioned award and 100 percent financed awards can be changed only after the approval of government.
  • Vividh Award – Vivdh Award is categorised for the following-
      • A-Sahitya Award 10
      • B-Shastra Award 06
      • C-Balsahitya Rachna Award 02
      • D-Shraman Award 02

These awards will be rewarded for Creative Works and Reviewing Works composed in Hindi for Sanskrit Subject..

  • Maharshi Vyas Award – (One) Rs.2,01,000/- (Two Lac One Thousand Rupee Only)

This Award will be rewarded to those who are Nationally/Internationally renowned for their Special Work Creativity, who have contributed in Ved Vedang and Mythology from their Critical Working/Fundamental/Editing. For the eligibility of Award applicant should be of 60 years but if found eligible for other criteria then age relaxation  can be considered by Adhikar Chayan Samiti.Applicant should be the citizen of India.

  • Maharshi Narad Award – (One) Rs.1,01,000/- (One Lac One Thousand Rupees Only)
  • Award will be rewarded to such Senior Journalists of Sanskrit Journalism who have served Sanskrit Newspaper/Patrikas through their writing/Editing and Publication at National Leve for atleast 25 yearsl, Along with Founding Editor of Sanskrit Newspaper/Patrika Scholar who have served Writing (Granth) Review, Editing, Study work will also be eligible. For the eligibility of award applicant must have 60 age and criteria will be complete India.
  • Selection Committee/Selection Process
    For consideration over Award/Reward Expert Committee will be formed by Executing Committee of Sanskrit Sansthan which will consist of seven members who will consider over Awards of Rs. One Lac or above, in which permanent member will be-
  • Chairman, Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Sansthan
  • Director, Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Sansthan
  • Principal Secretary/Secretary Language Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh and Nodal Officer of Language Department who are above the rank of Deputy Secretary will also be the member and besides this
  • Sanskrit Vidvaan Vice-Chancellor of University
  • One of the awardee scholars awarded at least more than one lakh two years ago and
  • Such Sanskrit Scholars who are deputed for atleast one year on the post of Director in Prestigious Institutions of Sanskrit and as Vice-Chancellor in Universities.

For the decision of Award Committee presence of 05 members will be necessary. Besides first three members same members will no longer be the member of Award Committee again. To ensure transparency and unbiasness in the decision of awards greater than fifty thousand committee should do evolution of scholars on object oriented basis, under which equal marks will be specified on following points:

  • Granth Writing and Editing/Publication and Award Winning Granth 20 Marks
  • Work of promotion of Sanskrit Seva Sanskrit Bhasha within and outside the country and Study Teaching Work 20 Marks
  • Former Post – Various HOD from Universities/Sanskrit Institutions and Important Posts/Fellowship from Sanskrit 20 Marks
  • Famous being staying on above three from 1 to 3 or Fame, mention of Academic and Honorary Degrees 20 marks.
  • Specifications – Inattentive Feature of Sanskrit Vadyam in Modern Context of Veddarshan, Tantra, Sahitya Vyakaran Sahityalochan and Astrology etc. 20 Marks

Names selected for awards by committee should be sanctioned by Hon'ble Chief Minister as it is compulsory. Hon'ble Chief Minister will have the right for amendment/change in names of applicants selected for award through committee. Above Government Order no. 92/21-3-2010 से 34/2006 Dated 16 June 2010 is replaced from Government Order number 20/21-3-2015 सं० सं०. 34/2006 dated 05 February 2015 and the approval of the awards will be done by the Chairman.

Announcement of Awards

Delegate and selected prizes by the award committee will be announced by the Director of Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Sansthan in due course and distribution of awards will be ensured by organizing a prize distribution program every year between Sanskrit Diwas to the Deobhautani Ekadashi. Along with awards scholars will also be rewarded with Traditional Copper Sheet, Tunic and Certificates. On the recommendation of Award Committee/Executive Committee and with the approval of government number/amount of award can be increased.