Name of the society will be "Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Sansthaan" (hereinafter "Sansthaan").


Sansthaan will be headquartered in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.


Sansthan will have under mentioned objectives:-

  • Protecting the Sanskrit language and its literature and and to promote and develop it.
  • Publishing handwritten, rare and important texts composed in Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit languages. Publication of essential books associated with Sanskrit teaching.
  • Translation of Scientific and other important creations in Hindi and other languages from Sanskrit and to manage their publication.
  • Assist in publication of important compositions of Sanskrit writers.
  • Awarding to Sanskrit writers on their published excellent compositions.
  • Financial assistance to veteran and economically challenged scholars of Sanskrit.
  • To facilitate including financial assistance for higher studies of Sanskrit language for a pre-specified duration.
  • To organize lectures by official scholars on various aspects related to Sanskrit.
  • To honour and reward the unique kind of scholars and the writers of Sanskrit.
  • To organize meetings, poet meets and cultural programs related to various aspects of Sanskrit language.
  • To publish Sanskrit magazines.
  • To spread and advertise the Sanskrit language and literature through, radio, television and other means.
  • To help the organizations, research institutes and libraries, working on development of Sanskrit language and literature.
  • To contact and communicate with the famous organizations associated with Sanskrit.
  • To get assistance from individuals, organizations, state government and central government for development of Sanskrit.
  • To purchase, collect and manage the libraries for keeping and preserving the manuscripts written in Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit languages.
  • To act upon significantly over above mentioned objectives with the aim to grow more.

Names, addresses and occupations of all the members of working committee, who have been handed over the charge to act, according to the regulations of Sansthan, are as under.