Publishing Grant Manual

Rules of Publication Grant

  • Publication grant will only be considered for creations written in Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit which possess high level, newness and originality.
  • Only those books will be supported with publication grant, which are still unpublished and whose publication is considered as achievement for Sanskrit, Pali or Prakrit literature.
  • Any ancient book which is scientifically edited or has new, original inauspicious comment or explanation can also be considered for publication grant in special circumstances.
  • Editing of ancient book or creation of any new book must be of high quality.  For recommendation, a copy of manuscript of the newly written book has to be sent to the Sansthan.
  • Every writer/publisher will have to submit detailed description, estimation of expenses and proposed value to Sansthan for further recommendation.
  • Publication assistance will be based on the estimated printing expenses of maximum 1000 copies and it generally will not exceed from Rs. 5000 or 60% of estimated amount.
  • It will be mandatory for writer/publisher to mention either on Foreword page or any other suitable place that this book has been published with the financial cooperation of Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Sansthan.
  • Suitable price of the published book will be decided only on the recommendation of Sansthan and the book will not be sold above MRP.
  • First 50% of the publication assistance will be released on receipt of first printed form and remaining 50% will be released on receipt of last printed form.  This grant may be released in three instalments, as per feasibilities.
  • Writer/Publisher will have to present 30 copies of the published book to the Sansthan free of cost.